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Blanking Plate

ARO - Blanking Plate

Blanking Plate

ARO - Blanking Plate

Tech Specs:

  • Item: Blanking Plate
  • Function: Blanking Plate for Valves
  • For Use With: Mfr. No. M812SS-120-A, M812SD-120-A, M813SD-120-A, M817SD-120-A, M812SS-024-D, M812SD-024-D, M813SD-024-D, M817SD-024-D, M812SS-012-D, M812SD-012-D, M813SD-012-D, M817SD-012-D, M819SS-120-A, M819SD-120-A, M819SS-024-D, M819SD-024-D

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