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Sleeve Bushing

Sleeve Bushing
Brand/Manufacturer: ARO/Ingersoll Rand
Mfr. Model #:98723-1
Grainger Item #:26DJ24

Sleeve Bushing

Tech Specs:

  • Item: Sleeve Bushing
  • For Use With Grainger Item Number: 2P774, 4GY44, 4GT45, 5U667, 4GY48, 2CAV1, 2P598, 5U664, 4RN27, 5U665, 5U666
  • For Use With Mfr. Model Number: 6661A3-344-C, 6661AJ-322-C, 6661AJ-344-C, 6661A3-34B-C, 6661AJ-3EB-C, 666100-3EB-C, 666100-362-C, 666100-244-C, 666102-2EB-C, 666111-244-C, 666101-2EB-C,
  • Fits Brand: Ingersoll Rand / ARO/Ingersoll Rand

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